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Your business.
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With DomainShop, InterNetX provides new gTLD registries and domain resellers with an all-round white label shop system.

It comes with low investment costs and fulfills all the requirements of a fully automated domain and hosting platform.

The comprehensive shop concept is modular, enabling individual shop setup in terms of design as well as product range, so users can save on costs for development and focus their energy and funds on sales and marketing!

Storefront Design

Individual Layout and Design

DomainShop gives you the freedom to create and design your individual shop. The storefront is adjusted according to your wishes and requirements. Your HTML and CSS configurations can be implemented easily and your shop designed in line with your corporate design.

User-Friendly CMS

The user-friendly DomainShop interface allows you to create your individual shop easily and edit contents without any great effort.

Admin Configuration

The Admin Configurator allows structured and simple shop managment. With just a few clicks, you can create your products, carry out individual configurations, set prices, manage the billing and much more. The range of features can be adjusted individually.

Page Management

The clearly-structured Page Manager lets you create new pages and edit existing pages. The overview displays the status of individual pages and shows you when the last updates were carried out.


WhatYouSeeIsWhatYouGet - the easiest way to create pages! Use the editor with all standard tools and you can see what the page will look like while you're creating it. The SEO fields can also be filled in easily - as with the HTML Editor.

HTML Editor

You can decide whether you want to use HTML format to edit individual shop pages, or if you prefer to use the practical WYSIWYG mode. Of course, you can switch between the options at any time. SEO fields can also be filled in easily - as with the WYSIWYG Editor.

File Management

Uploading and managing files of all kinds like images, videos, PDFs etc. is quick and easy via the File Manager - simply upload new files or delete existing files.

SEO Features

The three most important features for search engine optimization (page title, keywords, metadescription) are integrated in the editors (HTML and WYSIWYG). The number of remaining characters is displayed, helping you reach the optimal text length.

Google Analytics Integration

Enter your Google Analytics Site Code in the Admin configuration under Google Analytics and determine which IPs should be tracked and which not.

You also have the option to activate or deactive IP tracking to comply with all data privacy requirements.

Graphic Components

Several graphic elements are available to help you create your individual design, like widgets (whois box, tag clouds).



Extensive TLD portfolio

DomainShop gives you access to an expansive TLD portfolio that is continuously extended. You can select your domain product range from our wide range of ccTLD and gTLDs.

Tip: Own registry memberships can also be integrated.

New gTLDs

Numerous new gTLDs will enter the market in 2013. Over 1,400 new gTLDs are currently in the application phase. Reservations for domains under new gTLDs can already be made easily. At the start of each new gTLD, all domain processes for all launch phases (z. B. Sunrise, Landrush, General Availability) will be implemented in DomainShop, so you can offer your customers a wide domain portfolio that's always up-to-date!

Domain Processes

All domain processes are automated via DomainShop: non-binding reservation of new gTLD domains, preregistrations for individual launch phases, new domain registrations, transfers, cancellations, transits etc. Depending on the reegistry, all actions are carried out in real time.

Trustee Service

For domain registration under some TLDs, the registries require a physically reachable address for the AdminC (Administrative Ansprechpartner) or the OwnerC (domain owner) in the relevant country. For cases like these, you can offer your customers the necessary domain trustee service with DomainShop.

Privacy Service

Domain owner data is usually publically available in the whois, without sufficient data protection. The Privacy Service enables your customers to protect their personal data in the whois from direct access by third parties.

Web Hosting

Hosting Packages

A basic system of 1,000 web space units is available for your web hosting range. You can set up your hosting portfolio with just a few clicks. Offer individual hosting packages and redirects. You can manage and edit your hosting producst effortlessly in the editor. 

Tip: You can also make use of cloud-based solutions!

Order Processes

You can use the order processes for various hosting packages:

  • Web space hosting packages
  • Email hosting packages
  • WebSiteBuilder hosting packages
  • CMS hosting packages (available soon)
  • eShop hosting packages (available soon)

Voucher Codes (available soon)

Variable Models

DomainShop gives you the ability to support your marketing activities with voucher campaigns. Voucher codes can be created easily with the smart wizard and adjusted to your personal requirements. The following voucher options are available:

  • Voucher codes with fixed discount (e.g. 5,00 EUR)
  • Voucher codes with relative discount (e.g. 10%)
  • Single or multiple voucher codes
  • Integration of partner IDs for clear association and provisioning

DNS System

Nameserver Details

DomainShop lets you specify nameservers, use your own nameservers and specify your own IP range (RIPE).


You can set up web and email redirects.

DNS Provisioning

The provisioning and distribution to nameservers is fully automated.

Business Processes

Secure Data Storage

Customer data is stored in a high availability database and hosted in the certified InterNetX Tier 3 Data Center. Access to the data or data export is undertaken via a highly secure connection.


Practical features and processes enable efficient and structured invoicing.

  • Individual PDF templates for customer invoices
  • Invoice dispatch i.e. notifications per email
  • Export of PDF invoices for dispatch by post
  • Storage of all invoices in the customer center
  • Export of billing data via an interface

Customer Center

You can view and manage existing custome data in the customer center:

  • Manage master data
  • Overview and management of domains
  • Overview of invoices


Variable Support Models

Enjoy the advantage of selecting the best solution for your store from the variable support models available and save on effort and money.

  • 1st and 2nd-level support by yourself or InterNetX
  • Use 3rd-level support by InterNetX
  • Select diverse support channels (email, phone, fax) - optionally with direct end-user contact
  • Integrate premium telephone numbers

Tip: The clear DomainShop Support Tool allows you to view the support provided by InterNetX or other third parties.

Technical Infrastructure

Multi-Layer Architecture

DomainShop is based on a multi-layered architecture that consists of 3 layers: frontend, application server and data persistence layer.

A number of help systems, like a billing server, are attached to the application server. All layers are redundant, balanced and scalable. The infrastructure is hosted in the company-own certified Tier 3 Data Center. Only leading-edge technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 are used, without forgoing fallbacks for older browsers.

Certified Tier 3 Data Center

The hosting, housing and technical operations are carried out by the InterNetX Tier 3 Data Center. The data center is certified according to ISO/IEC 27001 and meets the highest standards for security, performance and availability.

Unrestricted Gigabit Connection

The high-end equipment complies with the highest technological standards for climate control, energy and security. The multiple redundant connection with a total bandwidth of over 50 Gbit/s covers all performance requirements.

  • Direct 1 GBit/s uplink
  • Real, unrestricted 1-gigabit connection
  • 50 GBit/s total bandwidth of data center

24/365 Monitoring

Highly-qualified experts look after the security of data around the clock and guarantee professional server hosting that fulfills the highest standards for technology and security.


The energy supply of the InterNetX Tier 3 Data Center is fed 100% by hydropower. This is certified by TÜV-Süd (CMS Standard Generation EE+).

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"Domain Services"

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